• Black Calvados

  • A black lacqueured box upstairs (the bar), a polished metal box downstairs (the club), this deceptive old-timer, a swinging-era haunt of Serge Gainsbourg's, has been pinged into the 21st century with new ownership. Hot as long ago as the 1950s, and subsequently a favourite among the permatanned classes, it's now attracting a younger crowd of Parisian and international twentysomethings (still well-heeled, since we're minutes away from the Georges V and the Champs Elysees). Entry is free and it's 'open to all', though in reality the door's not as penetrable as all that. Champagne or a cocktail costs around 15 Euro. The music policy combines hard rock and electro to storming effect, and the best nights are Tuesday and the weekend.
    • 40 avenue Pierre, 1er de Serbie, 8eme
    • +33 1 47 20 77 77
    • Open: 10.00pm-2.00am. Closed Sundays.

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