• Le Matignon

  • Relatively new to a scene that’s already heavily loaded with top dogs, Matignon seems to have effortlessly slipped into place as one of the places to see and be seen. French architect and designer, Jacques Gracia’s typically rich elegance nods to its Parisian neighbours yet stands out with its outré additions too. It’s like Hunter Thompson meets Audrey Tatou in a heady mix of design and delicacies washed over with a wave of surrealist splendor. Deep purple and golden yellow hues work with a lighting that’s the perfect balance between flashy and understated. There’s a Mediterranean wash of white added to the dining areas. And fine, opulent couches adorn the lounge walls. International endorsement comes in the form of Cyril Peret (Paglinghi) while his partner, Gilbert Costes, adds that all important French heritage element. Not a growl is needed to ensure this site’s status for the foreseeable.

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